Shakti Tibet Reiki

Feb 04, 2013 by

Shakti Tibet Reiki adalah tradisi Rei Ki yang berkar pada tradisi Tibet kuno. Shakti Tibet Reiki merupakan salah satu kesadaran energi alam semesta, sehingga mereka yang mempelajari teknik ini akan memiliki keselarasan terhadap seluruh energi alam semesta, dan memiliki akses tanpa batas ke seluruh energi alam semesta, apapun jenis vibrasi maupun fungsinya. Shakti Tibet Reiki […]

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Power-Break Empowerment

Nov 12, 2013 by

Power Break Empowerment is a multilevel system that incorporates several metaphysical methods in an abbreviated form which affords you the ability to take power breaks when you need them without having a lot of time. The energy is passed using in person or distant method. This system is for those moments when you need a […]

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7 Pearls of Reiki

Nov 07, 2013 by

The Energy of the Seven Pearls of Reiki is a new lineage of Reiki which permits to access the Healing of the Heart. The teaching and the symbol of the Seven Pearls of Reiki  has been received by the Reiki Master Michele Blanc, by channeling her guide DJWAL KHUL in 2004.  Michele received the message […]

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Original 7 Degree Reiki

Nov 06, 2013

The traditional Usui method of Reiki teaching as taught by Takata had a few different symbols then the original system.  It is certain that the Master Symbol has had a few variations during the course of Takata’s teachings. The original 7 Degrees system corresponds to the 7 Chakras. The original 7 Degrees system is suppose […]

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Blue Lotus Energy Healing

Nov 01, 2013

Blue Lotus Energy Healing is a new energy channeled in 2003 by Ansara Moldave of PEI, Canada. Ansara is a Reiki Master and  Reflexologist practicing in Charlottetown.  There are two levels of  BLEH and one symbol for each level. History of the Blue Lotus The blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) belongs to the Nymphaeaceae (Water­Lily) family Many ancient cultures considered […]

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Homeopathy Ki 1-13

Oct 31, 2013

Homeopathy – Ki comes from Naturopathic Healer and Classical Homeopathic Kirstin Reinelt in spiritual rapport with Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Archangel Metatron, and the beings in charge of developing homeopathic medicines. What is Homeopathy? Homeopathy is the method of healing developed from the affinity or similarity principle. It’s name comes form the Greek words Homoios ( […]

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New Usui Reiki Ryoho 1-3

Oct 30, 2013

System founder : Ole Gabrielsen, DK Mikao Usui speaks: Welcome my friend! It is with much pleasure and warmth in my heart, that I can now present to you a new” upgraded” version of Reiki. Much have been said and written about Reiki. Much focus has been given to what is right and wrong, how […]

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Usui Reiki Grand Master 5-18

Oct 25, 2013

Pre-Requisite : Reiki Master Symbols: There are symbols for each level The Higher levels of Reiki called the Grand Master Degrees, begin at Level 5, The Sequence : After the traditional Usui 1-3 comes Usui Advanced Reiki or Reiki lV brought to you by Stephanie Brail. Next the Grand Master Degrees begin at Degree 5. […]

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Open Heart Reiki

May 01, 2013

Open Heart Reiki adalah suatu sistem reiki yang fokus pada chakra jantung, chakra ini sangat penting karena menghubungkan antara chakra-chakra bawah dan chakra-chakra atas, karena letak chakra jantung yang berada di tengah pada sistem 7 chakra utama. Chakra jantung yang kuat dapat membuka dan menyembuhkan chakra-chakra lainnya yang sedang bermasalah. Open heart Reiki ini akan […]

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